Voter Fraud Trial Continues

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The voter fraud trial continues for the long-time girlfriend of a Dothan city commissioner.

The state called a number of witnesses in this voter fraud case on Sept. 1. They were people who cast absentee ballots in the 2013 municipal race.

Olivia Lee Reynolds is one of four people charged in the election fraud investigation.
Reynolds faces 43-felony counts of voter frau for rigging absentee ballots in the race between District 2 City Commissioner Amos Newsome and Lamesa Danzey.

Newsome defeated Danzey by 14-votes, even though danzey generated more votes at the polls.

Newsome's win ultimately came down to absentee ballots. He received 119 of the 124 absentee votes.

In trial today, a number of voters claimed that Reynolds filled out portions of their ballots, which she is not authorized to do if the voter is literate, and some even claimed that she told them who to vote for.