Vehicle Fire at Post Office Determined

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Two vehicles were destroyed.

It looked like a scene out of a movie, only it wasn't., it was right outside of the Post Office on Ross Clark Circle.

"Because the vehicle was parked in very close proximity that quickly spread to another vehicle due to the heavy fire involvement prior to our arrival, " says Dothan Fire Department Battalion Chief, Chris Etheredge.

Once the Fire Department was on the scene, to air on the side of caution, they evacuated the Post Office and upgraded the call to a full structure fire.

"Our investigators came out and looked at the vehicles, talked t o the witnesses and the owners of the vehicles and it appears to have started from a mechanical type problem with the vehicle. Due to the amount of damage pin pointing exactly where it started is very difficult but absolutely nothing suspicious, " says Etheredge.

Although the only major damage was burnt asphalt and grass, Etheredge says fire's like these can be prevented.

"The two things that I would recommend is one watching where you pull off the road, if you have to stop on the roadside, make sure you do not park in the tall dry grass which could start a fire and secondly just maintaining your vehicle. time is of the essence with any type of fire, whether it be a vehicle, or a grass fire or a home, getting someone there to extinguish that fire is critical,".

The Post Office was closed for about an hour and a half for safety reasons.

Etheredge also says there is a slight increase in vehicle fires during summer months.

He says the Dothan Fire Department responds to about 50 vehicle fires a year.

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