This Day in Entertainment History: Galaxian Arcade Game Released in Japan (October 15th, 1979)

The arcade shooter Galaxian was launched by Namco in Japan in 1979. (Courtesy: Namco)
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It would prove to be an Arcade smash hit, and lead to an even more-well-known sequel—Galaxian.

Released by gaming company Namco in Japan on October 15th, 1979, Galaxian was a space shooter. Unlike another popular shooter at the time, Space Invaders, this one offered more movement and full-color graphics. The player controlled a spaceship and had to fight off rows of enemy foes that moved in various patterns—it was one of the first to have enemy characters do more than just one single action.

The game would be released in the United States later that year by Midway. Galaxian would be succeeded by Galaga, which was a big hit upon its 1981 release. Both Galaxian and Galaga have been re-released many times in classic arcade compilations for numerous video game consoles.

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