The Fairy Godmother Project Makes Dreams Come True for Prom

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A cut that fits, the right color and plenty of sparkle. They're the elements of the perfect prom dress and with the Fairy Godmother Project these girls are walking away with elegant looks for an unforgettable night.

We go though the schools and they send us the girls that they know would be in a financial situation, needing a little help for prom, might not be able to some of the gown shops and purchase gowns on their own."

The project takes in thousands of dresses from several area gown shops and Miss Alabama Caitiin Brunell. Katrina Steddum is a volunteer for the project. She says she's happy to be a part of a Cinderella story for more than 60 girls.

"My daughter is Miss Alabama Jr. Teen and she worked with a program like this in hawaii before we moved her and we decided we wanted to make sure that we could continue on. She gets to have a gown whenever she wants and not everyone can afford them."

Katrina's daughter Leilena says she wants every girl to feel like a princess on prom night.

For this project I really felt the need to donate and get the donations and help with the girls because I feel like it effects them emotionally and mentally and it makes them feel better about themselves."

But the magic doesn't stop there. The girls are going home with shoes. Accessories and makeup samples. Things no dress is complete without

"I know what it feels like to not really have everything I need for a situation or something."

That won't be a worry for these girls this year. Its a storybook ending that lets every girl feel beautiful for one magical night.

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