School Safety Concerns Over Alabama's New Gun Law

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Most school policies prohibit firearms on campus. Yet, under Alabama’s new gun law, a person can carry a gun to sporting events, as long as it is concealed. Troy University Dothan Campus' Public Safety Coordinator, Jim Smith, said the university will not allow weapons into their games. Their policy will not change because they search people coming in and they have signs blocking firearms.

It is a bit shaky when dealing with high school or elementary games. However, if the property displays a sign that states it is illegal to have a gun there, that will solve the problem.

"The football games or basketball games, I’ve had several concerns about that. We foresee them putting the appropriate signage up and possibly assigning someone there to enforce that,” explained Smith.

Some parts of the law remain unclear to law enforcement. For example, gun owners without a permit must carry their gun openly in a public place, but Smith said the law vaguely defined a public place.

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