Residents Get Ready for Yatta Abba Day in Abbeville

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Residents in the City of Abbeville are getting excited to see crowds pour in for Yatta Abba Day this weekend.

This event is helping the city promote themselves as a tourist destination… a new goal in recent years.

Organizers are getting ready to see visitors come in for a tradition that has its roots with the Native Americans.

“Yatta Abba means a grove of dogwoods and that name was established by the Native Americans that lived here prior to us,” says Deputy City Clerk Vicki Bedsole.

They say the event’s not just about pet contests, children’s activities and a sock hop, it’s a great way to show off the city.

“Yatta Abba Day is an opportunity for everybody to come out and visit Abbeville and see what Abbeville is really about. We’re about home folks and about family and tradition and Abbeville’s just a beautiful town to visit and to live in and we want people to come see us for who we are and what we are,” says City Clerk Pam Ward.

“It shows people what a beautiful place Abbeville is. Abbeville is a little bit off the beaten path, we’re off the 4-lane and a lot of people are in a hurry these days and they don’t come down into our town and just take a look and it is a beautiful place,” says Bedsole.

And shop owners are glad to see the extra business.

“It kind of gets people coming and they see what we have to offer and the friendliness of the citizens here so and it’s good for our merchants. It brings people in,” says Bedsole.

“It gives people who come an opportunity to go in the shops, see what goods they carry, shop in our stores which obviously brings in retail sales for us and we get the sales tax from that,” says Ward.

Events start at 9 o’clock Saturday morning on the Abbeville Square with vendors.

You can see Abbeville-area artists, garden enthusiasts, music, antique cars, and food vendors at the court square 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Then from 4-6 p.m., local actors will perform a reenactment of the famous dead in the old Abbeville cemetery.

There will be a street dance from 6-9 p.m. and all local restaurants will be open for business.

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