Researchers Develop Way to Possibly Stop Cancer Progression

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Promising new research from the Mayo Clinic. Experts say there's a way to potentially stop many late-stage cancers in their tracks, including brain and lung cancers.

"We may be able to screen people earlier with new methods that can prevent the development of cancer if we know what predisposes them to development disease and that's what the future holds for us," said Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis.

An international research team led by Mayo Clinic oncologists has found a new way to identify and possibly stop the progression of many late-stage cancers.

"These discoveries will have ability to bone cancers, leukemia and neurological..."

Dr. Konstantinos Lazaridis is the associate director at the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine. He says the new approach can turn off the genes that prevent cancer from growing.

"This is a huge step. We have to understand what is behind this process to attack it effectively."

The test and potential treatment are based on an emerging discipline of medical research called epigenomics.

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