Pike County Mobile Home Park Hit by Tornado

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Troy, AL - Quavia Cummings was at home Christmas night, unaware he was right in the middle of a tornado warning.

"The trees and stuff had started falling down, so I jumped in my closet. Then, I grabbed my phone and called 911 because I couldn't get out," he said.

A tornado swept through the Brantley Mobile Home Park just north of Troy. Four homes were completely destroyed. Three had people inside, including Cummings.

"Scared. I was panicking. I didn't know what to do. I would never think it would happen," said Cummings.

You see pine trees snapped in two, insulation ripped from their homes, and windows shattered. But in the middle of it all you see one trailer left untouched.

"The only thing I kept saying was I got to go check on my trailer. I've got to go check on my trailer. When I finally got up and I saw that my trailer wasn't touched, and I seen the damage around my trailer I said to myself I was truly blessed," Qunisha Howard, resident of Brantley Mobile Home Park.

This was the first time she left her home during a severe weather threat.

"My mom called me and said there was a tornado watch, and I got in my car and I left. I didn't waste no time," said Howard.

And emergency responders didn't waste time either. They quickly rescued two people trapped in their homes.

"I feel better, like I was alive. The ambulance dude got to checking my body, and he was like are you ok. I was like yes sir I'm ok," said Cummings.

They were all ok. Remarkably escaping a dangerous storm.

This Christmas will be a memorable one. More than 30 tornadoes were reported from Texas to Alabama. The Wiregrass received its fair share.

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