Parents Weigh In on Dothan City School Strategic Plan

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Parents of Dothan City School students were invited back into the classroom on Tuesday, Jan. 14 for a brainstorm session about the school district.

“I learned things tonight that I didn’t already know and I think other parents did as well,” said Sharla Godwin, a parent of two Dothan High School students. “You can always learn more about what your kids are doing.”

Dothan High School and Northview High School opened their doors to parents for a brainstorming session. The goal of the meeting was to find out what parents think about how Dothan City Schools are operating.

“The board is working on a plan for the next three to five years, explained Allyson Morgan, Director of Secondary Schools. “We are working with consultants, we want to know what is working in our system and what we need to improve on and what ideas they have for us and what they would like to see in the future from Dothan City Schools.”

The school system is working with Chicago based, Millennia Consulting, to implement a strategic plan into schools. However, before a plan can be put into place, light needs to be shed on the problems and that is where the parents come in.

“I like that the parents are given a voice and that we can voice our concerns and they are going to listen to that and see what they can do to better that,” said Godwin.

Common concerns from parents included classroom size, resources and books, while communication was said to be strong in many of the city schools. Tuesday’s notes will now be put together for the next phase of the plan.

“The public will be hearing about more meetings in March that we will have. Some open forums and they will be invited to come and share and look at what is happening with the plan and put in their input,” said Morgan.

While every strategic plan is different, officials with Millennia say that their goal is to have a final strategic plan by the end of the year. The plan will then be implemented after approval from the school board and the community.

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