“My Little Pony” Voice Actress Surpasses Goal for Cancer Charity Ride

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A Canadian voice actress on a popular animated series has surpassed her goal of donations for a planned charity ride to help in the fight against cancer.

Andrea Libman is a voice actress on several animated shows, but is perhaps best known for her work on the animated series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” as the characters “Pinkie Pie” and “Fluttershy.”

In July, she pledged to take part in a Canadian charity called Ride to Conquer Cancer. This charity, which benefits the British Columbia Cancer Foundation, will have a two-day cycling event that will take place in June of 2013.

Libman is very popular with fans of the animated “Pony” series, and regularly communicates with them through Twitter and Facebook.

As of the weekend of December 15th, the actress had surpassed her target goal of fifteen thousand dollars. As of the morning of December 17th, fans and supporters of the cause had donated over sixteen thousand dollars in her name.

Through January, Bronies (a popular name for adult fans of this current version of “My Little Pony”) also have a chance to select their favorite pony when they donate. The character with the most votes will be Libman’s team jerseys.

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