Alabama Lawmakers Prepare for Second Special Session

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It's back to Goat Hill for Alabama lawmakers on Tuesday.

"We only have…one thing that we have to do as a legislature; that we're required to do and that's to pass a budget. We've failed at it so far,” Rep. Paul Lee told News 4.

After failing not once, but twice, Governor Robert Bentley is calling a Second Special Session to fix the General Fund Budget before the clock runs out.

"When we walk in Montgomery, [we need to] do the work and get it done and quit dragging it out," said Lee.

Bentley's proposing a $300 million tax increase and to no surprise, not everyone is on board.

"They need to have a budget in place. Hopefully, they're close and all they're waiting for is for us to pull the trigger and designate the money in those areas," he said.

On Tuesday, Lee expects revenue for the judicial system, mental health, Medicaid, Department of Human Resources and prisons to be discussed.

"Those are critical areas that we address. We want to make sure those are 100 percent funded," said Lee.

Since Fiscal Year 2016 starts October 1, the final budget needs to be decided within the next two weeks.
As time is running out, Lee says reaching common ground will require one main thing.

"The biggest thing we need to do is to put all of our individual egos to the side when we walk in the door and try to do what's best for the state of Alabama."

Special Session of the Alabama Legislature will begin at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 8.