Alabama's Largest Public Natural Gas Station Opens in Dothan

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Drivers whose cars or trucks are fueled by compressed natural gas have a new place to fill their tanks with the opening of Alabama's largest public-access CNG station in Dothan.

A grand opening and ribbon cutting took place on October 29 at the Hobo Pantry Chevron at 735 Ross Clark Circle.

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz and Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver spoke on the growth of alternative energy at the ribbon cutting event.

The station is a partnership of Corridor Clean Fuels, Home Oil Co. and the Southeast Alabama Gas District.

"Having a public-access fast-fill station in Dothan will not only serve drivers who are already using CNG, it will encourage both fleets and individuals to make the switch to this domestic, cleaner-burning transportation fuel. The $1.98 per gasoline gallon equivalent price at the pump will certainly turn a few heads!" said Mark Bentley, executive director of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition.

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