Labor Inducing Cupcakes Stump Docs

A cupcake shop in **delivering* more than tasty treats.
They’re being coined “labor inducing cupcakes.”

It all began at Cappellino's Crazy Cakes. Lori Lawson, pregnant with her son Ethan, was days past her due date. Frustrated and uncomfortable, Lawson stopped in the cupcake shop and ordered a lemon drop.
New mother Lori Lawson said, "Within half an hour I started having contractions"

Same goes for Christina Shoup and her four month old Vivian, "I was five days overdue and we came back downtown and I got one and it worked"

And now word is getting out. So far 19 overdue babies have been born after their very pregnant mothers ate a lemon drop cupcake.

New mother Shannon Conklin said, “I literally had my daughter I was in the hospital I think my daughter was five hours old and I called the cupcake shop and I was like-It worked!"

Shannon Conklin says the cupcake is a well-known secret among ob-g-y-n-s... Her doctor is the one who told her to try it, “at first it was a coincidence, it is a fluke-but 19??"

So what makes the lemon drop cupcake so special? Dotty swears it's all in the ingredients, “the only thing different about this lemon drop is I like freshness and so I put fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest. That's the only difference."

Medical experts are stumped by it too but you can't argue with the proof and between Ethan, Vivian, Peyton and the 16 other lemon drop babies, there's no denying something special in the cupcakes at Cappellino's.
And dotty says she doesn't question it too much either, “I just mix it with a little bit more love. And I zest it with a little bit more love."
The extra effort is paying off. Dotty says the lemon drop is one of the best –sellers and she makes sure there's a fresh batch every day, just in case an overdue woman walks in looking for some help.

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