Hurlburt Field Announces Reduction of Civilian Workforce

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HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. – Eighteen Hurlburt Field civilian employees will be placed into reduction in force (RIF) status this week, despite extensive voluntary measures and management reassignments over the past few months.

In November 2011, the Air Force announced the elimination of 100 positions in base support career fields at Hurlburt Field as a result of a Department of Defense-wide initiative to reduce civilian manpower to fiscal year 2010 levels in order to meet the President’s fiscal year 2012 budget. This process is part of an on-going effort focused on reprioritizing how resources can be used to more efficiently and effectively support and sustain the force and, most importantly, the warfighter.

Over half of the eliminated positions were vacant. Hurlburt has used every means available to reassign affected personnel to other positions not currently slated for elimination. Despite substantial voluntary early retirement or separation opportunities and incentives, and management reassignment efforts, Hurlburt still has 18 employees without current placements which will necessitate the need to use RIF procedures. RIF provides additional options to place employees in positions that have not been available to date. To meet timelines set by the Air Force, the reduction in force is projected to be effective Sep. 30, 2012.

“Our civilian workforce provides a great deal of institutional knowledge, maturity and continuity to our organizations, and this is especially true during times when our uniformed members are supporting a heavy deployment load,” said Col Jim Slife, 1st Special Operations Wing commander. “And I clearly understand the unrest these reductions cause within our work force.

“We intend to make every effort to locate positions for as many affected employees as possible, and to minimize the impact of the RIF.”

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