GA Grain Train

Corn, soy and wheat.

They’re the staples of the local grain industry.

But getting your product to end-users on time can come with a few challenges?

“When you don't have the capacity to put it in a tank and dry it locally and you've got to haul it a hundred miles, that distance plus a long line slows it down.”

Slow delivery may soon be no more thanks to a new business partnership in Southwest Georgia.

Dollar Farm Products specialize in moving grain by rail.

They’re teaming up with grain dealer Gene, Cook and Associates.

“We've decided to work with them to help them move more of their farmers commodities by rail if the markets are there.”

By moving grain using the rail system here in Bainbridge dollar says the end result will be more combine time in the field.

“I start combining corn in the morning at 10:00 and when I have trucks all day long we're unloading as many as 20-25 trucks just from one combine.”

That’s why DFP is shelling out more than half a million dollars to upgrade their load-out centers for rail cars.

“New load out stations for more accurate weighing”

But the upgrades don't end with accuracy.

Their capacity is going up 40 percent.

“700,000 bushels of storage. They can free up their trucks, get their farmers' crop harvested more timely and shipped to their destinations.”

Timeliness is key, but it's a good deal for farmers, too.

“Moving commodities to the best price that goes to the producer at the end.”

“We want to make sure we're exploring every avenue to increase our farmers' profitability and be able to service them.”

A win for farmers, dealers, and users.

It’s a project everybody in the agriculture industry can climb aboard.