A Ft. Gaines Arrest Causes Concern for a Georgia Family

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A family claims Ft. Gaines police officers over stepped their boundaries in reprimanding a
Seventeen year old. Therefore a civil suit will be underway.

"We feel like my son Don was done wrong and I want justice for Don because this is something that he is going to have to deal with for the rest of his life," says Tonjala Jackson.

Tonjala Jackson is the mother of Don Bolden, a seventeen year old senior at Randolph Clay High School. She says that her family is upset after her son was arrested last Saturday; he allegedly attempted to break into the Springfield Baptist Church. Bystanders took this cell phone footage Showing officers arresting Bolden.

"It makes me mad sometimes and then it makes me sad because what he went through, no mother should have to go through this, if your child hasn't done anything wrong and I don't want any other parent to have to go through what he went through and what I'm going through," says Jackson.

Bolden's family says he was dragged outside of the jail, then tased, kicked and punched before being transferred to a bigger jail. However Jackson claims her son had to go to the Miller County hospital after the incident on video. She says he suffered multiple seizures.

"I think that what went on shouldn't of went on. They used too much force I think and we want justice for Don," added his mother.

However, that story differs from Tommy Coleman's. He is the Ft. Gaines City Attorney.

"He was arrested on a charge of criminal trespass. He attempted to escape the police station by breaking through a window what I believe. He went into the street, they attempted to apprehend him again and that's what they did I suspect that's the matter of controversy…So what the police Chief did, we haven't gotten a lawsuit or anything like that but there was a complaint so he contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigations and asked them to conduct a review and investigation of the entire matter," said Coleman.

Although there are two sides, they both agree the incident should be investigated. However they're hoping and expecting different outcomes.

We reached out to the Fort Gaines police chief to get comments but he was unavailable today.

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