Founder of WOOF Radio Dies

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The founder of WOOF Radio has died.

Agnes Simpson passed away Monday afternoon.

She, along with her late husband R.A. Dowling put WOOF AM on the air back in 1947.

In 1963, Agnes filed for the first FM stereo radio station in Dothan. WOOF FM 99.7 went on the air in September 1964.

Agnes sold commercials and broadcast in person on both the AM and FM stations, winning state awards for her newscasting.

She served as president of WOOF Inc. until she died. She continued to work seven days a week and played a vital part in WOOF’s success.

Agnes served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. She has served on the board of or as president of several organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Salvation Army and PTA, just to name a few.

In 2008, Agnes was inducted into the Alabama Broadcasters Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the first Dothan Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame in 2011.

Agnes recieved the Dothan Advertising Federation’s highest award - the Silver Medal.

She was the first woman to win Alabama Broadcaster of the Year in 1987. She was named Dothan Woman of the Year in 1961. The Arthritis Foundation named Agnes Humanitarian of the Year in 1996.

In 2003, Agnes won the Southeast Alabama Advertising Federation's first-ever Advertising Pioneer Award and the Dothan Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Membership Award.

Agnes was the mother of five children: Britt, Brian, Jeannie, Hart and Leigh. She had six grandchildren: Laura Catherine, Britten Leigh, Ariane, Alexandra, Ariane and Zachary.

Agnes Simpson was 87 years old.

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