Fitness Resolutions

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Every year people say, wanna get in the gym i wanna work harder I wanna eat better, is it possible for people to do that and see results?

"Absolutely, says David Smith who owns the Elite Athletic Club and Wiregrass Crossfit." Well there's 4 major components that you really wanna focus on. First of all which is most important is your food intake.

Smith, says this means eating a balanced meal. That includes protein and lean meat such as chicken, eggs and lean ground beef. Vegetables are always a plus and you can even eat some carbs such as bread, rice and pasta.

"The second part is your aerobic training. So you gotta make sure you get your heart rate up and force the body to burn body fat. The third part is really going to be your resistance or your toning. Then the fourth part that most people miss is the modification. You need to change your routine periodically to keep the body progressing towards that goal of whatever that goal may be."

What are some of the biggest struggles that people have when it comes to weight loss?

"They take the major food groups out and cut their calories way too low."

According to Smith, this can actually cause the body to hold on to body fat instead of burning it.

He also points out that it is important to set realistic goals so you will not get defeated if you don't see results quickly.