Fans Find Funds for Album of Young Canadian Singer, Actress

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13-year-old Michelle Creber of Canada is an actress and singer.

She's perhaps best known on the internet for her work as "Apple Bloom" in the popular "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" animated series. Like many of the talent from that series, she interacts with fans through social media on a regular basis.

Creber has also released an album of covers called “Timeless: Songs of a Century.”

Now, she's going to be able to release a Christmas album.

The goal in an online fundraiser through the website IndieGoGo was reached as fans of hers pitched in nearly 9-thousand dollars towards the project.

Fans of Creber pitched in nearly nine thousand dollars towards the project.

Some of those fans will receive perks like autographed albums. And, if fans donated forty dollars or more before Halloween, they got homemade cookies made by her and her family.

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