Enterprise Actor and Director Selected in Top 20 of Project Greenlight

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Directing came natural to Joshua Sheik as a kid.

"I directed and starred in my own play with my cousins and it was called Murder on Saratoga Street."

But before getting his hands on a camera, Sheik was an army aviator for seven and a half years, stationed in Fort Rucker, Germany, and two tours in Iraq. After his service was over, Sheik directed his first film, "Christians Carol" and most recently his submission to Matt Damon's and Ben Affleck's Project Greenlight."

"I ended up going with the idea that you've seen in the excuse me video where you see a guy in an elevator who sees a beautiful woman
and tells himself he's got to make a move, he's got to say something to her and all the rest of the video takes place in his subconsious mind where he's running through all these different scenerios."

Acton, romance, horror and a musical combined in a three minute video. Would it work?

"Based off the voting or judging by audience members we were put into the top two hundred and the top two hundred people had to make a bio video."

From round one of five thousand submissions, Sheik and his crew were selected into the top 20.

"The amazing talent in this area all came out of the woodwork to help me make this production so I could not have done it without them and God was just blessing us throughout the whole journey."

Sheik didn't make the top ten but he says the experience was fun, challenging, and rewarding.

"I feel very very fortunate to even have made the top twenty. It's one of those things that gives me confidence that I am doing what I should be doing."

The camera's may have stopped rolling for Project Greenlight but Sheik's still keeping his eyes on the prize.

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