Early Co. Middle School Teachers Prepare for Back to School

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BLAKELY, GA - Empty hallways and quiet classrooms. Summer may not be over for students in early county just yet, but it's come to a halt for teachers.

From blank bulletin boards to bare walls, teachers at Early County Middle School are hard at work bringing their classrooms back to life and getting a game plan for the upcoming school year.

“I like to start opening day with a game.”

Virginia Hampton has been teaching social studies to 7th graders for more than 10 years.

“They get to learn that there is a Red Sea and where it's at, and they learn that oil and gas are not just something that you just go to the pump and get,” Hampton said. “They actually begin to understand all the things that we're having the conflicts over, and why the oil is so important and why the United States is so dependent on it.”

“My biggest thing is to teach them how to get ready for high school, to learn how to take notes and be organized.”

Mary Anne Lednicky teaches Georgia History. This year she'll see around 100 students per day.

“Most of them like Georgia History; it's fun to them,” Lednicky said. “The other stuff I can add in kinda sneakily so they don't really realize they're learning.”

Learning nonetheless from a group that's eager and ready to teach.

The first day of school for students is Wednesday, July 29.

Georgia's back-to-school sales tax holiday July 31st through August 1st.

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