Dothan City School Board Approves YWCD Tax Resolution

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The "Yes We Can! Dothan" Better Funding Group received the answer they were looking for Thursday evening.

The group presented a proposal to the Dothan City School Board requesting support to increase property taxes.

Some people say this will be a hard sell to the community.

Because anytime someone has mentioned increasing taxes in the past, there has always been a public outcry.

However, at Thursday’s meeting, there was none.

The “Yes We Can! Dothan Better Funding" advocacy group met its first goal.

"To commence the process to allow the city of Dothan to vote on increasing the ad valorem taxes by 15-mils," said Ed Price, Co-Chair of the group.

Of that 15, 13-mils will benefit Dothan City Schools and 2-mils will support the public library.

The schools could receive $9-Million dollars which would greatly reduce the budget deficit gap.

"Dothan is below average on its support with the school systems by doing this we would be just a tad above average," said Price.

“Lucky” Martin Sr., Yes We Can! Board Member said, "Our school system definitely needs funding. In fact sports could go out the door and I know the community would not want that to happen."

Yes We Can! Board members say school funding needs to be stable.

“We've had proration, we're talking about another big cut in June or July and by doing this we can provide our school system with a more consistent funding source,” said Price.

The measure now heads to City Commissioners.

If they approve it, the Alabama Legislature will decide if the public gets to vote on it.

“It's imperative that the people vote and that they vote in a positive manner," said Martin.

Price adds, "Better funding means Better schools and hopefully a better Dothan."

If everything is approved the property tax increase could be on the ballots and people could vote in August or September.

The Dothan Board of Education would determine how the money would be divided between the schools.

The property tax would only affect property owners in the city.

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