Dothan City School Members Approve A 5 Year Strategic Plan

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Dothan city school board members pass the final version of a five year strategic plan for Dothan city schools.

This strategic planning process was developed over an eight-month period. Committee members conducted more than 500 interviews to get input on creating more opportunities for every child's future. The main vision of the plan is to see all Dothan city school students graduate. Committee members say these goals will be accomplished with educational programs and strategies that are innovative, flexible and student centered.

"It's important because the strategic plan is a road mount for where you want to go. You can have little by ways and sideways but you have to have a plan. You have to know where you're going and the strategic plan gives us for the next five years the set of big priorities for Dothan City Schools and that incorporates the community and parents input and their big needs and their wants and their wishes for this school system so it's exciting to know," said Allyson Morgan, an employee with Dothan City Schools.

The strategic plan steering committee included 20 members. The project was headed by Millennia consulting and supported by the Wiregrass Foundation.

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