Dothan City Animal Shelter Receives Huge Donation

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Two hundred beds arrived at the Dothan animal shelter. Today locals came out to help put them together. The beds give the animals a new place to sleep. This all started after animal shelter workers posted a picture online. The picture was of a dog lying on the cold concrete. The animal rescue aid stepped in for the rescue after the picture went viral. Volunteers began putting beds together at 10 a.m. and they were provided lunch for their services.

“When I got the email that we were getting these beds, I literally was sitting in bed crying over getting the email and these dogs especially even in the summer they have to sit or they go to the bathroom and they are laying on the cold wet concrete and getting them up is going to get them warmer, cleaner and drier," said Joy Parkman, a Dothan City Animal Shelter volunteer.

Two-hundred beds cost about $4500. One man from Arizona donated one-hundred beds alone.

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