UDPATE: Suspect in Police-Involved Shooting at Dothan Animal Shelter Passes Away

Robert Lawrence (February 2013 - Geneva Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
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UPDATE - 10:45 a.m.

DOTHAN -- At the request of the Dothan Police Department, the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) is investigating the officer involved shooting that occurred at the Dothan City Animal Shelter on Tuesday, Dec. 30. Robert Earl Lawrence, 30, was transported to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 9:50 p.m. last night.

Once the SBI has completed its investigation, the findings will be turned over to Houston County District Attorney. No additional information is available as the investigation is ongoing.


UPDATE 8:40am -

The subject in Tuesday’s officer involved shooting has died. We are waiting on confirmed details from the Dothan Police Department, and will bring you those as they come in.


On December 30, 2014 the Dothan Police Department responded to a disorderly conduct complaint which ended in an officer involved shooting. Following standard procedures, the investigation into the incident will be handled by the ALEA State Bureau of Investigation. However, Dothan Police are able to comment on the events which precipitated the shooting.

At approximately 12:30 pm officers made contact with Robert Lawrence at the Dothan City Animal Shelter after he attempted to turn a stray animal over to an employee. Lawrence, a sovereign citizen, became disorderly after being told he could not leave the animal without producing identification. After repeatedly being told to calm down, Lawrence was advised he was being placed under arrest. A physical altercation ensued, to which Lawrence was shot in the abdomen.

Lawrence was transported to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center where he has been treated for the gunshot wound and listed in critical condition. The ALEA State Bureau of Investigation quickly responded to the scene and will handle the investigation by request of the Dothan Police Department.

The Dothan Police Department would like to thank everyone who assisted with this incident including the ALEA State Bureau of Investigation, the Houston County Sheriffs Office and the Dothan Fire Department.


UPDATE - 5:48 p.m.

The Dothan Police Department and the SBI are preparing to release the name of the man shot at the Dothan Animal Shelter on Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities report the shooting victim is a white male who was trying to turn his dog over to the animal shelter. The confrontation was between the man and two officers at the shelter.

Police were preparing to arrest the man on a disorderly conduct charge when the argument escalated. A Dothan Police officer reportedly shot the man in his side, leaving him in critical condition at an area hospital.

The case is being turned over to the state.


UPDATE - 5:10 p.m.

The man shot by Dothan Police outside of the Dothan Animal Shelter on Tuesday afternoon is listed in critical condition at an area hospital. The SBI is investigating, because it is an officer involved shooting.

The Dothan Police does not investigate itself for officer-involved shootings.


DOTHAN, AL - A Dothan police officer responded an altercation outside of the Dothan Animal Shelter around 1:00 this afternoon.

The officer that responded to the scene called for back up.

The suspect was shot in the side and has been taken to a nearby hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The State Bureau of Investigation is now on the scene and are investigating the case.

No name has been released at this time.

WTVY has a reporter on the scene and we will continue to bring you updates on WRGX's First News at Four, WTVY News 4 at 5, WRGX's News at 5:30, and WTVY's News 4 at 6.

Provided by Robert Lawrence's mother.