Democratic Senate Leadership Demonstrates “Breathtaking Arrogance” Toward the Views of Working Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Representative Martha Roby (R-AL) issued the following statement in response to House passage of a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open and remove some of the harmful effects of ObamaCare. The Senate later rejected the measure on a 54 to 46 party line vote.

“Tonight the House again acted to keep the government open and to protect the American People from the harmful and unfair effects of ObamaCare.

“The legislation we passed in the House would do three things. First, it would avoid a government shutdown. Second, it would delay the onerous ‘individual mandate,’ which empowers the federal government to force everyday working Americans to purchase pre-approved insurance plans in order to avoid a government fine. The President has already approved a similar one-year delay for businesses. And, third, the bill would repeal special healthcare subsidies for Members of Congress and Congressional staff. These provisions are all based on a simple principle: equality under the law.

“Acting on this commonsense package would avoid a shutdown and promote fairness. However, the Senate once again dismissed the House-passed legislation, opting to risk a government shutdown in order to protect special privileges for those in Washington.

“This is the third time in just over a week that we have sent a government-funding bill to the Democrat leadership in the Senate. The first bill would have defunded ObamaCare entirely. The second would have delayed the entire law by one year. The Senate has shown breathtaking arrogance toward the views of working Americans who do not want this law. In each case, Democrat senators have swatted down the funding bills while refusing to negotiate and offering nothing. Each time they push us closer to a government shutdown.

“My staff and I are on Capitol Hill ready to work through the night. I remain hopeful that Democrats in the Senate will put aside foolish pride of authorship on the healthcare law and recognize that it is fundamentally flawed, poorly implemented, and not ready for primetime.”