Dance Game World Record Attempt

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Put on your dance shoes and go for the world record!

That's what one Bakersfield woman is doing right now.

Mike Dinow is here with the inspiring details.

Imagine doing what you love for fun and all of a sudden the weight you've been trying to lose for years just starts falling off? Now, imagine after 12 years of doing what you love--your name finally going into the Guinness book of world records...

you wouldn't know it by looking at this dance game phenom, but Bakersfield’s Carrie Swi-decki once weighed well over 200 pounds.

but ever since she started playing the dance games 12 years ago the pounds started falling off.

And before she knew it---Carrie had dropped 75 pounds and gained more confidence and endurance than ever before.

And now Carrie is going after the Guinness book of world record for the longest marathon on a motion censor dance game.

"I like to inspire people to find a healthy way to fight obesity"....

Using dance central 2 on x box connect, Swi-decki started busting a move at 10 am Saturday morning at Otto’s video games and more...

"Currently the record is just over 16.5 hours...that right around 3am but her goal is to go 24 hours and end around 10/ 11 tomorrow"

No easy task...every 5 hours Carrie must move up on the game's difficulty level...and if she's to break the record the final 6 hours and 22 minutes will be the hardest...

"she is allowed to take breaks, she can only take a 10 minute break for every hour that she played for…and she can spend that however she wants"

"video games have such a negative condentation and I wanted to show the healthy side of it"

Otto’s video game and more will remain open for the next 24 hours tonight and into tomorrow while Carrie goes for the record.. Live in newsroom, Mike Dinow eyewitness news...

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