Craigslist Scam Warning

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The Dothan Police Department has been contacted by a local realtor who has expressed concerns about a scam in our area related to rental properties.

According to the realtor’s investigation, it has been discovered that someone is stealing the companies’ rental listings from their MLS web site and reposting then as rentals on Craig’s List.

The realtor stated that she has had the advertisement removed from Craig’s List twice, but the unknown suspect reposted it once again yesterday for rent for $ 900.00.

Having networked with other professionals in the business, the realtor now believes she is not the only realtor that is having this problem.

Whomever is conducting this scam is soliciting for personal information through email to include the following taken from an actual email;


1) Your Full Name
2A) Home Phone ?
2B) Cell Phone Number ?
3) Your Full Address :
4) How old are you?
5a) Are you married?
5b) How many people will be living in the house?
6a) Do you have a pet?
6b) What type
7a) Do you have a car?
7b) What type?
[8)] Occupation?
9) Do you smoke?
10) Do you Drink ?
11) Do you work at Night ?
12) What is your monthly income?
13) Reference Contact Name and Address?
14) When do you intend Moving in?
15) private email :
16) Picture of you and your family
17 ) When can you pay for your deposit to
secure or move in?

Dothan Police are releasing this information immediately in order to make the public aware and furthermore remind our community that we discourage the exchange of personal information through email, mail, phone, etc.

Anyone interested in a local rental property should instead go directly to the office of the company conducting the transaction to ensure you do not become a victim of this scam.

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