Cotton Harvest Update

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All the wet weather this summer had many Wiregrass farmers wondering if they'd ever see the sun.

Now we're seeing how their crops were affected.

A ticking clock is the sound farmers have been getting used to this year.

But finally, "It's harvest time in Southwest Georgia. We should be almost halfway through and we're really just getting started," Farmer Greg Mims said.

Cotton farmers have Mother Nature to thank.

"It's been an unusual year. It started out difficult, then we had a lot of rain, we got some bowl rot in a few cases, we had some fruit loss due to the cloudy days. So we're not looking at a bumper crop this year," Extension Agent Rome Etheridge said.

The unusual year continues, as the chilly weather blows in a bit early.

"It just puts more stress on you trying to get through with the harvest season before we start getting freezing weather," Mims said.

"I'm getting some calls from farmers about this coming weekend. We're going to have some cool temperatures," Etheridge said.

Although the cotton harvest is a little behind, this weekend’s low temperatures aren't anything to get frantic about.

"Just go ahead and let this happen, I don't think it's going to be cold enough to hurt us," Etheridge said.

In fact, the cold could be a good thing.

"A light frost on mature leaves can cause them to come off by themselves so it might actually be a help," Etheridge said.

Mims hopes to be done harvesting by early December if the weather cooperates.

Etheridge warns farmers to keep an eye out for hard freeze conditions.

If that happens farmers may need to put chemicals on their cotton to open it sooner.