Comic Book and Horror Film Fans Share Creative Interests at Fanaticon

If you look closely you may think Halloween is still lingering. But its only a group of creative fans mimicking their favorite horror films and comic book characters.

"Those fans are dedicated. They're coming both days in costume and we love them," says Phillip Chalker

Phillip Chalker is the the founder of Fanaticon, he says the convention brings in a diverse group of artists to the Wiregrass.

All the conventions, but not in the Wiregrass. After thinking about the idea, Chalker and his wife hosted their first Fanaticon in Dothan last year and since then hundreds of people have showed up to flip throug new comic book pages or their all time favorites.

"People from all over come to meet friends and discuss-you know their creative projects."

Chalker says the thing people look forward to the most, the costumes.

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