Cell to Society: The Battlefields to the Prison Yards

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SANTA ROSA -- They're called American heroes. They served our country and now they're serving prison sentences.

Incarcerated veterans at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institute are doing time in a specialized program: the Veterans Re-Entry Program. During the last 12-36 months of their sentence they can stay in this dorm.

During exclusive interviews, three inmate veterans said the program keeps them focused on a successful re-entry into society.

""It gets you focused on taking care of yourself, taking care of your family and going back into society, making yourself a positive success in society," incarcerated veteran Robert Dawson. "Not coming back here having that turn around rate, we want to keep that low. Luckily we've had that here."

The program offers rehabilitation programs such as drug and alcohol recovery classes, mental counseling and even personal growth courses. Another program the inmate veterans said helps keep them on the right track is "Thinking for a Change," a class on social skills and behavioral thinking.

The Veterans Re-Entry Program has been 100 percent successful since it opened its doors in 2011.