Wiregrass Honor Flight

Men and woman who witnessed great tragedy and splendor while defending our country from evil during WWII got to take a trip to Washington DC Saturday as part of the honor flight program this special flight allowed those who served the opportunity to see their lasting legacy.

"Are you excited...does it look like it." WWII Vet

"Since they got the memorial built up there a lot of us wanted to go but it waste where we could feasibly go so but with this way with groups like this we will all enjoy it together." Brady Carr Veteran

The veterans filled the terminal at the Dothan Regional Airport in the early hours of the morning excited about what the day had in store.

"I have a friend who is going to meet me there with a pick nick lunch and do what ever the tell us to do...I understand they got a lot of things planned for us." Max Walls Vet.

"We’re really looking forward to going we are going to try to have a good time while we are up there." Brady Carr

When the vets returned at 8:00 pm, they were eager to tell their story

"Being some what like 65 years since I have been with so many veterans of WWII, it was great we had a great time" says a local veteran

"Well for me it was wonderful it was my first time flying on an airplane I have never been on a plane before and I just enjoyed the trip."

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