Firework Danger

Celebrations and fireworks have gone hand in hand since the first fire cracker was invented over 1,000 years ago, in the Hunan province of China.

Since that day people have used fire crackers to way off evil spirits, celebrate birthdays. and state holidays, like the 4th of July and new year’s eve.

Technology has advanced the science behind fireworks.

But has not been successful in reducing injuries associated with their use Dr. Richard Bryant, an ocular facial plastic surgeon located in Dothan, said there are many types of injuries a person can suffer from a fire work exploding on or near your face, some of these injuries include:

Severe burns to large portions of the body....Severe facial trauma where they have broken multiple bones to the face.

"I have had patients that have lost both eyes from firework injuries."

Dr. Bryant an expert in orbital reconstructive surgery says there are about 9000, injuries a year from fireworks.

1,500 are eye injuries and another 15 hundred are injuries to the face and according to Dr. Bryant it is the same scenario played out every time.

"Usually what happens is the fire work explodes unexpectedly or is misguided into the patients face."

Unfortunately many of these injuries from firecrackers happen to children some of which are a result of an explosion from what was thought to be a dud firecracker, or even a sparkler.

"Children under the age of 5 are in injured severely from sparklers because they burn at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.”

To put this in prospective, 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is ten times heat need to boil water twice the amount to burn wood and the equivalent of a Wagner heat gun used to melt plastics.

Dr. Bryant says there is one simple way to help prevent a severe eye time you use any type of firework.

"At least wear some type of eye protection if they are going to handle fireworks that can prevent many of the forms of blindness that can occur with an errant firework explosion."