Wiregrass Buffalo

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Southeast Alabama is the home for many unusual animals, but who would have ever thought buffalo would be one of those.

Don McAllister owns Green Acres Farms in Slocomb.

He began his buffalo business about five years ago, with only six buffalo.

His herd has now grown to about 150.

McAllister, who was a cattle farmer before, says buffalo is the way to go. "I had limosine cattle and buffalo meat; just seems like the steaks are much better than the limosine, which it's supposed to be a lot better for you also," he explained.

You can actually see the buffalo from the road, but you can get an up close and personal look if you enter the farm, especially if it’s feeding time.

Just to see these creatures in person is amazing. But if you're really looking for a treat, you should try the meat."

Buffalo meat is said to be extremely healthy. Studies show buffalo has less fat than turkey, and more protein than beef.

It's also considered the all natural cancer fighting food, high in essential fatty acids and good cholesterol.

Some even say the taste is not much different than beef.

Don Ellis, a Green Acres Farms employee says, "There's not really that much difference. For some reason, it's more tender and has a better taste. It's not a wild taste at all. To us, it's better and most people who like beef really love the buffalo meat."

Some of McAllister's buffalo have come from South Dakota, Montana and Colorado, but he says they've adjusted well to our climate.

He invites everyone to come and take a look at the animals. "We have a lot of people stop at the road and take pictures and so forth and a lot of them want to bring their kids out and look at them that have never seen a buffalo before. They are interesting to look at, and I'd like to invite everybody out just for them to look at them, you know," he said.

Green Acres Farms is located four miles east of Slocomb on County Road 28. All you have to do is follow the signs.

If you're interested in making a visit to the farm to take a look at the buffalo or if you would like to try the meat, give them a call at 886-3053.