46 States No Longer Need to Teach Cursive

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It's much more than just dotting your "i's" and crossing your "t's.
Some people believe looking at someone's cursive writing, is like getting a glimpse of their personality.
But there are going to be fewer glimpses because of a new common core curriculum.
It doesn't require cursive writing in schools.
That means many are dropping those writing lessons from class, but not in Alabama.

“Cursive writing is so very important in the curriculum because they have to sign their signature, when they become and adult they have to signature every transaction they are doing in life.” Troy Elementary Teacher Tamara Harrington said.

And students seem to like it.

“That you can write neater then regular hand writing.“ Fifth grader Terrance Turner said.

46 states including the District of Columbia are ditching cursive.
Students in Alabama are glad they're school districts aren't following the trend.

“When I get in high school and the teacher asks you can you write in cursive and ill say yes.” 4th grade Tatianna Leabing said.

"I know that we are in a digital age where everything is online or through your cell phone or iPad but there are still things that you have to sign or write in cursive, contract like when you buy a house or car, when you sign checks to pay your bills or buy things at Wal-Mart, you have to sign your signature." Faine Elementary teacher Kylie Allsue said.

Speaking of that digital age, states that are not teaching cursive writing are instead opting to train students in typing.

So are Georgia and Florida schools cutting out cursive, too?
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