CSI Miami Episode Based on Real Life Murder Mystery

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A serial killer sitting on death row is leading officials to open dozens of cold cases, and inspiring television producers to highlight his crimes.

This true life crime story is being used as the basis for an episode of the hit T.V. show "CSI Miami," because a star on the show recently realized she was one of dozens of women photographed by this serial killer.

“CSI Miami” star, Eva La Rue, never thought she and her sister Nika would be two of dozens of women photographed by convicted serial killer, Bill Bradford, until she found their pictures on a police profile. Bradford worked as a photographer during the late 70's, early 80's, and took pictures of women looking for stardom. A perfect venue, authorities say, for someone looking to stalk young women.

Some of those women eventually became Bradford's murder victims, and when he was convicted back in 1988, he made a statement that has haunted law enforcement officials for decades.

"When he was convicted of this crime he faced the jury and said you have no idea how many more are out there... and that of course raised the possibility, did Bill Bradford kill a bunch of women we don't know about," said Bill Lagttuta, a CBS correspondent documenting the case for the magazine show, “48 Hours Mystery.”

Lagatutta has been documenting the latest developments in the case as authorities re-analyze hundreds of pictures that were put away during the original investigation. The pictures sparked interest among the producers of “CSI Miami,” who based one of this year's episodes on this real life case. An episode Eva La Rue says was difficult for her to do.

Just this one scene showed to me that this is going to be much harder an episode than I thought," said La Rue.

An emotional attachment to a role La Rue never though she would have to base on a real life ordeal

La Rue and her sister Nika were fortunate to not have anything happen to them, but there are several cold cases that are still unsolved. Authorities are hoping people will look at these pictures that were recently released to the public, to help them bring closure to some of those cases.