Changes to Wiregrass Commons Mall

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If you haven't felt quite right about walking in the main entrance at Wiregrass Commons Mall recently, it's okay.

The entry way has scooted over some to accommodate growth inside the building.

About nine months of renovations means the mall on Highway 231 North has plenty of other notable changes.

"There has been painting throughout the mall, and we have carperted the entire mall," General Manager Lynell Schoening says. "We have removed the fountain from the center court and we are going to put be replacing it with very lush soft seating."

According to Schoening, about six stores have renovated and added more room this year. Belk department store recently added 30,000 sq. ft., which lead to the entry way moving. Now the store is home to its home furnishing sections as well as increased brands or apparel and merchandise.

Belk store manager Jacky Howlett says remodeling and revamping your store is essential to draw new people to your location.

"It's all about entertainment," Howlett says. "In this time and this economic environment it is about needs. But at the same time you want to spend time at the store where there's something new and exciting to see."

Other upgrades coming to the mall include new lighting set-ups, inside and outside directional signs, and an electronic marquee. GM Lynell Schoening says it is all about keeping yourself fresh int he public's eyes.

"We are trying to update our mall and keep it fresh for our customer. And make it new and exciting. If we left it old and drab there wouldn't be any new customers. So anything new and exciting brings in a customer, and that's how we compete with our competition."

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