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About Us

At Healthy For Life Zerona Laser and Weight Loss, we provide you with a comprehensive approach to weight management, as well as the tools to be successful long term. Whether you prefer whole, fresh, healthy foods from the grocery store, or pre-packaged foods perfect for a busy lifestyle, we have the ideal plan for you to not only lose weight but to keep it off. A wellness coach is with you every step of the way giving you healthy habits and tools you can embrace for life. In addition, the very popular non-invasive Zerona Fat Loss Laser is available to assist in removing stubborn fat from trouble areas as part of our weight loss program. Our Infrared Sauna, slimming Body Wraps, and Whole Body Vibration Plate provide additional support and can be used in conjunction with the Laser or weight plans, or independently.

Healthy for Life FAQ

Do your weight loss programs really work?
Yes! Thousands of people have successfully reached their weight loss goals with our programs and kept the weight off. Our programs are doctor designed to ensure your body has all it needs while successfully dropping the pounds with anti-inflammatory, low glycemic foods. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or 110 pounds, or more…we have the right plan for you.

Will I be hungry all the time on these plans?
Not Likely. One of our programs provides you with nearly 2 pounds worth of food each day, and with the other program, you will eat 4 times per day. People tend to feel very satisfied, and occasionally even have a hard time finishing all their food.

Can losing weight help with conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure?
Yes. Studies have confirmed losing weight can lower your blood sugar if you have type 2 diabetes and can lower your blood pressure, as well. According to John Hopkins Medical, losing just 5-10% of your body weight can reduce your risk for diabetes by 58%. If you’re already diabetic, just a 10% weight loss can minimize your use of diabetic medications. Even a 10 pound weight loss can help lower blood pressure. With proper weight loss, people oftentimes can reduce or eliminate the need for certain medications (under the supervision of their medical doctor).

Will I need to spend hours at the gym exercising in order to successfully lose weight?
No. Exercising is an important factor in having good health, but it is not the golden ticket to weight loss. The foods you eat are far more important to managing your weight. All we ask while you’re on our programs is 15-20 minutes of exercise each day, and this can be accomplished with a brisk walk. Even people who are unable to exercise have successfully lost weight with us.

I lead a very busy lifestyle and don’t have time to stay home preparing and cooking meals all the time. Can you still help me?
Most definitely. We offer different plans for all lifestyles. One of our programs includes many tasty pre-packaged foods that you just unwrap and eat, or prepare in literally 3 minutes, or even toss in a purse, briefcase or travel bag for your lunch or snack later. This plan also includes a Restaurant Guide to assist you in eating out or picking up food a couple times a week.

Will I have to give up things like pasta, chocolate, cookies and chips?
If you love these foods and do not want to give them up while losing weight, we have the perfect plan for you! You can eat all this and more, including chocolate cake, pancakes and smoothies.

I’m not obese, I’m not really even overweight, but I have some areas of stubborn fat around my mid-section that won’t gone away. Is there anything you can do for me?
Our Zerona laser can be a very effective treatment for exactly this problem. Zerona is a clinically-proven, noninvasive fat reduction laser treatment, which painlessly reduces inches and stubborn body fat and is used as part of a weight loss program. This is a safe treatment which requires no recovery time. We also offer Body Slimming Wraps in conjunction with or separate from the Zerona laser. Call us today for your free consultation to see if you’re a candidate.

How does being overweight or obese affect my health and my future?
According to the CDC, the more body fat you have, and the more you weigh, the more increased risk you have of developing many serious diseases and conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, heart attack, gall bladder diseases, certain cancers (breast, endometrial, colon, kidney, gall bladder, and liver cancers), osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, clinical depression and anxiety, body/joint pain, and difficulty with physical functioning. Losing weight helps reduce the risk of all the above. It’s not too late to change your course. Call us today for your free consultation and put yourself on the path to better health!


Patient Testimonials For Our Weight Loss Programs:

"I am thrilled! There have been so many improvements. I've been able to stop medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. My cholesterol dropped from 266 to 143. My doctor was thrilled! Valerie has been wonderful. She has been such an encourager and given me the will power I didn't know I had."

"It has been a long time since I have felt this great. The first time ever that I have felt weight loss was actually possible for me. I have been on numerous diets, fat diets, Dr. regulated diets, and pills. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have never been successful before. Now I feel better, look better, and most of all it gave me back my confidence!"

"I was amazed how the aches and pains disappeared as I got clean from the inflammatory foods. I sleep better, my mood has improved and I take less medication and avoided invasive procedures. Most importantly, my heart health has improved [I came in 2 weeks after a heart attack]. My cardiologist was so impressed with the change. With Valerie's help the experience and the journey has given me a new lease on life. I don't want the old body back!"

"I'm extremely happy about the weight loss-I lost more than I planned and have kept it off. I feel like a new person. Since eating healthy my mind is clear and I don't take naps during the day anymore. I highly recommend this program to others because if I can do it anyone can!"

Testimonials for our Zerona Fat Loss Laser:

"My pants fit better-some are falling down! I have less abdominal fat and lost over 10 inches [between waist, hips and thighs]. I'm very happy with the results, I have much more confidence and higher self-esteem! It was very easy to accomplish and I would definitely recommend it to others!"

"I was pleased with the results-I didn't expect to lose the inches that I did!"

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