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About Us

We saw a need for a service like this in the Wiregrass.

After seeing this amazing technology and then experiencing the awesome effects, Forme Nvasive's owner knew she wanted to bring this to the Wiregrass.  She saw how people struggled with skin tone and being overweight.  Her friends and family benefited at first from the technology and now it is open to the public.

We offer people 18 years of age and older the best service possible and hope to give you a true health spa experience. Our staff walk you through the entire process and give you encouragement so that you can feel like a new you! It is simple, easy, and feels great!

Who we are

Forme Nvasive offers non-invasive lipo help shed inches off of your midsection as well as butt and thigh areas. It is a safer method than that of regular plastic surgery as it uses no needles or incisions. You won’t have to worry about a recovery time or going under anesthesia. Our innovative technology uses special diodes that produce light to stimulate fat cells and begin to shrink them.

The treatment

Easy to use, hygienic and safe. Forme Nvasive’s treatment offers successful outcomes in only one treatment. You will have the ability to thin, shape and tone the areas of the body you need including those troublesome regions, for example, the midriff, hips, thighs, upper legs and even the arms.

The research

Research has demonstrated that red-light treatment results in exceedingly successful depletion of fat cells and of their substance while decreasing by and large body mass of the treated areas. The treatment is effortless, and there are no unfavorable concerns related with the procedure. No down time due to surgical procedures because it isn’t surgery!

The benefits

Afterwards you will notice a visible difference in the tone of your skin. The light therapy boosts collagen and elastin development which restores your skin to a more youthful appearance and diminishes wrinkles. Lipomelt has 10 times the power of other systems for maximum results using redlight and infrared light therapy.

Non-invasive, red light treatment is at present the most astounding popular treatment because of the shocking results! In contrast to ultrasound, radio recurrence, laser light and solidifying, red-light based treatments don't cause cell harm. Red-light has been found to advance a characteristic reaction inside cells dependent on the wavelength of the light vitality utilized and the kind of cell it comes to. Both mid-600nm (counting 635nm) and infrared (counting 880nm) wavelengths have been utilized in an extensive variety of treatments that advance some type of recuperating reaction.