What is Alabama doing to help fans stay cool during midday games?

Bryant-Denny Stadium (Source: WBRC Staff)
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) -- Bryant-Denny Stadium should be a little cooler this weekend for fans in attendance for the Alabama-Southern Miss game.

Alabama Director of Athletics Greg Bryne tweeted on Thursday that measures are being taken to help fans cool off during the midday contest.

The tweet shows misting fans installed and being tested in courses. Byrne says 16 have been installed for this weekend’s game and they’re trying to secure 12 more before the Ole Miss game on September 28.

There will also be six more giant water coolers, which the tweet calls water monsters, for fans to hydrate. The student section will have two more water monsters.

Heat has been a concern this season as Alabama prepares for its fourth daytime home game. Earlier this morning, 30 people were hospitalized due to heat-related illnesses suffered in or near the stadium. The high in Tuscaloosa on Saturday is 91 degrees.

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