Troy's Melissa Kuya-Strobel discusses life in Germany during pandemic

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 12:09 PM CDT
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"I actually got really lucky because it was the last airline, it was a German airline, that flew from America to Germany and I was on one of the last flights," said Kuya-Strobel. "The day I got home, the next day they said they are closing all flights. They aren't doing anymore."

The last few months have looked different for everyone and that goes for Troy soccer player Melissa Kuya-Strobel who has been caught in the middle of the pandemic back home in Germany.

"I was so excited to come home in the summer and see my friends and my family," said Kuya-Strobel.

With the virus hitting Europe before here in America, Kuya-Strobel has had to live with some tough guidelines.

"You weren't allowed to go outside, play at parks, play soccer, anything. Everything was permitted," said Kuya-Strobel. "It's a little better. We're allowed to go for a run. Meet people but not be in a group of more than three people, I think."

Despite everything going on, she's been doing her best to stay active.

"I did home workouts as much as I could," said Kuya-Strobel. "I started running when they said we were allowed to run again outside. Now I can start doing something with the ball and start training slowly."

Knowing she needs to be back in Troy to be with her teammates for the season.

"I hadn't really thought about it because I need to be back August 3rd," said Kuya-Strobel.

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