Third Annual PGA Hope Wiregrass Golf Tournament Teaches the game through Therapy

It's an event that is much more than golf. The PGA Hope Wiregrass hosted their third annual golf tournament at the Highland Oaks Golf Course last Friday, using golf as therapy to help veterans who have struggles every day.

"It's to combat the issue that we got 22 guys a day commit suicide, they found out if you use golf as therapy it is a therapy session when you are looking at that little white ball, you are not thinking about anything else, said PGA Hope Wiregass Founder, Ty Anderson."

They had an opening ceremony before they teed off the tournament. Standing for something that they all have in common. Making it a family who all is going through a similar struggle.

"The program is for amputees, PTSD guys mostly, we have got two guys that are paralyzed, you'll see one of them out here today, we have what we call a par mobile which is going to open up a whole new avenue for us with this program, we might have a couple guys that are sitting home right now, that think that there life is over, now they can actually go out and do something, Anderson said."

The group averages 20-25 veterans out here every Monday. What was supposed to be a 5-8 week program is now going on its 116 week in a row and they are not stopping anytime soon.