The Samson Tigers are seeing double

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(WTVY) -- The Samson Tigers have made Birmingham their home away from home in the month of March, and a main reason for that is the Duff twins.

Behind the play of LaTora and LaTascya Duff, Samson is heading back to the state final four with a chance to win its second state title since 2016. Stopping one of the Duffs is hard enough for the opposition, but trying to stop both of them? Nearly impossible.

Coaches and teammates used many words to describe the two girls: hilarious, multi-talented, play-makers, sneaky good.

But how would they describe themselves?

"Hard working because whatever we do we work hard for," said LaTascya. "Nothing comes easy."

"People think we're cocky, but we're really not," said LaTora. "They don't know the real us."

The two twins have very little to say in postgame interviews, but that's because they let their play do the talking.

The two, now senior guards for the Lady Tigers are looking to win their second ring in three years.

"I mean to win state would be big for us because we're seniors," said LaTascya. "We'd have two rings but we're kind of used to it now."

A bond that has been unbreakable since birth has taken these girls to new heights and they're not finished yet.

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