Eufaula's Terrell Jones goes viral

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(WTVY) -- Many times you see athletes go viral for what they do on the court, from the highlight reel dunks, to the killer crossovers. Eufaula's Terrell Jones took the internet by storm for a different reason, his touching message after a one point loss in the state championship game.

"Since Day 1, I remember the first day Coach Smith came into the gym. He said if you want to be a state champion, you got to be different, I'll never forget a word that man said to me," said Jones. "This man right there is the best coach I've ever had in my life. I wouldn't change it for the world."

Since that message, Jones has gone full fledged viral, hitting ESPN, Bleacher Report, and some of the biggest names in sports.

"Dwyane Wade liked it first, then DeMar DeRozan liked it and I was thinking I was like, Dwyane Wade? I was like I watch this man every day growing up you know what I'm saying I even got a Wade Jersey."

Millions of people have viewed it, but for Jones, he's just happy that he became an inspiration for one discouraged athlete.

"They said that their coach sat them on the bench and wouldn't give them the chance. He said seeing what I said made him not want to give up, made him want to go to another level and prove his coach wrong next year," said Jones.

From Eufaula, to Birmingham, and beyond, this senior from Eufaula still isn't shying away from the message he hopes can help others.

You can view the full interview on Twitter in the link below

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