OTF Workouts from home

(WTVY News 4)
Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 10:03 AM CDT
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With gyms closed due to the stay at home order, finding ways to keep off the "quarantine 15" has been tough.

There are still ways to stay active while stuck at home, whether it be grabbing some dumbbells or just going for a run. Some gyms are going virtual during the Coronavirus pandemic to give those that extra push to keep moving.

Orangetheory fitness has joined the digital world.

With locations closed across the globe, OTF is sending out daily workout videos on YouTube to keep people burning calories from their living room. And that includes here in Dothan.

"Our priority is our members and we didn't want to lose that connection with our members so our first thought was why not take it virtual," said owner Keisha Brazell. "That way we can semi-keep in contact with people. That was our main goal."

The OTF staff in Dothan is using social media to its advantage going live with workouts on Instagram and even Zoom.

"Everybody is on their phone a lot more because we don't have a lot going on right now," said Brazell. "We just knew if we get in front of them on social media, more than likely at some point they are going to tune in. I've seen the same faces every time I've taught a class. The same people are commenting and joining in on those workouts. It's just been really good because even though we can't see them in a class setting, we're still getting to see them and know they are still moving. They're still working out."

Brazell says its all about keep members accountable while away from the gym.

"We love Orangetheory. We love having it because people are accountable to come," said Brazell. "They know those coaches are looking for them if they sign up for a class. So we didn't want to lose that aspect of it. We also try to reach out to our members and see if they are still working out because we want to make sure that they take advantage of these time and don't let all the gains they made go away."

Not an Orangetheory member? Not a probem. These workouts are for anyone

"We're hoping more and more people will see what we are doing and hop on," said Brazell. "I've definitely seen some names I didn't know join the live videos which is great. That was our goal. We've tried to let our members know to tel their friends who aren't members and that's fine. This is for anybody."