New Brockton rallies for Bryce

NEW BROCKTON, Ala. Six-year old Bryce Caldwell was diagnosed in December of 2016 with DIPG -- Diffuse Intrinsic Potene Glyoma, an inoperable brain tumor within his brain stem.

A football. (courtesy MGN Online)

Bryce's story made it's way to the Make-a-Wish Foundation who arranged a visit with Bryce's favorite team, the Denver Broncos.

In the month of September, the New Brockton community did all they could to help the Caldwell family.

"My youngest son battled cancer the last five years so we know some of the struggles that they're going through," said New Brockton High head football coach Justin Jones. "We've also been through in our home on a personal level."

New Brockton held a drive dubbed, "Buckets for Bryce" and presented the family with over $1000 to aid with medical expenses.

"Every day with every little struggle he has, he attacks it with a smile on his face and that positive outlook and that's all we can ask for," said Jeremy Caldwell, Bryce's father.