Groundskeepers preparing football fields for FNF

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WICKSBURG, Ala. (WTVY) -- The high school football season begins Friday night.

Groundskeepers have been busy preparing the football fields across the area.

One more day and the gates for Friday Night Football in the Wiregrass will be open.

"It's really exciting to see our youth program and all the kids; they really get all hyped up for football season. They get to play all of their games out here. So we're all excited; we're ready to go," said Westgate Park manager Kenny Dunning.

The drier summer weather made things a bit more challenging to keep the fields lushly green, but the recent heavier rains this week really benefited the turf," said Wicksburg Coach Josh Cox

"The more rain the merrier. Right now it almost looks like carpet because we've had a pretty good steady dose of rain to combat the heat," said Cox.

So now that the weather is cooperating, the groundskeepers have been busy painting the field this week.

"It takes us anywhere from 4-6 hours to paint a field. I've already painted it once. We do a full painting of the field a week prior to the first game. Then we paint it weekly," said Dunning.

"It generally takes 2-3 days of spending time on the field. We have a great group of guys that get it done," said Cox.

After the games, the groundskeepers will get back to work fixing up the fields from any damage from the game.

Kenny Dunning says maintaining the playing fields at Westgate Park is a year-round job.

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