Game of the Week: Geneva vs. Geneva County

It’s a rivalry that hasn’t happened in over a decade. Geneva County versus Geneva. Two schools, 12 miles apart.
“I think it has been 17 years since they last played each other and it has just been a natural rivalry through the years, there has been some great games I can remember,” Donnie Chesteen says.
The teams have met 77 times under the Friday Night Lights. This week they’ll make it 78.
“I mean you go from playing kids when they are starting when they are six years old until you are 14 years old and then you don’t get to play them anymore in high school sports it’s just really great to play against those guys again,” Cole Saunders Geneva County Quarterback says.
Some say the crowd could be the biggest ever at Coach J.D. Chesteen Field. That is because of how long these two programs have been waiting for the rivalry to come back.
“I can remember back in the rec ball days they always played them and they were good, they were a good team, they got a bunch of athletes and just looking forward to keeping the tradition of us just winning,” says Geneva Quarterback Mason Coskrey.
But the talking stops now. They’ll settle it during our game of the week, this Friday night.