Forecast: Germany to top medal table at Pyeongchang Olympics

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Pyeongchang, South Korea (AP) - If the Pyeongchang Olympics were held today, Germany would win the most gold medals -- and the most medals overall.

That's the forecast from U.S.-based Gracenote, a sports and entertainment data provider that put out its forecast on Monday, nine months before the Winter Games open.

Germany is predicted to win 14 gold medals and 35 overall. Next is Norway with 12 gold and 34 overall, followed by the United States with 10 gold and 32 overall. After that in the gold-medal count are France (9), Austria (7), South Korea (7), Netherlands (6), Russia (6) and China (6).

The calculations assume Russia's full team will participate.

The virtual table weighs results in recent world championships and other world-class events, giving more weight to the most recent.

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