FSU DC and Ozark Native, Charles Kelly joins Noah Mindel for a 1 on 1 Interview

NOAH MINDEL: Thank you for joining me Coach Kelly, let's talk last year to this year comparisons, what are the differences you guys have made on defense and how have you improves?

FSU DC CHARLES KELLY: "We saw a lot more consistency towards the end of the season and we played a lot of young players who got better as the season went along and I feel very pleased with how they came back in shape. Right now practice is where you develop your craft and there is no better substitute for experience."

NOAH: You're opening up against Alabama, what have you seen from the Crimson Tide Offense?

COACH KELLY: "First of all it starts up front, they have a great O-line, great coach, great receivers who can stretch the field. Very good players, Very good coach, and it will be a challenge for us."

NOAH: Dothan Native Marquez White competed in his first NFL game this past week against the Arizona Cardinals, have you reached out to him? Did you hear how he did?

COACH KELLY: "Since Fall Camp started, I haven't been on any social media, but I did call my brother and he watched the game. Marquez and I stay in contact a lot. We talked the day before he started camp. He is very excited about what he is doing, so there is no doubt Marquez can play."

NOAH: Lastly Coach, let's talk about the Wiregrass and the passion everyone has for football. What is that like to you?

COACH KELLY: "I grew up there and there is no place in the world where there is more passion about their football. On all levels, pee-wee, middle school, high school, it is great. Football is the ultimate team sport and it teaches you how to fight through adversity, it teaches you how to get up and there is one thing about it. Only way you lose is you fall down and stay down. Me growing up in that area, I can tell you I have never been anywhere in my career where I didn't think about the lessons I learned in the Wiregrass."